Rinse Aid

The dishwasher signalled the wash cycle had come to an end but when removing your glasses, you found they are covered in water spots. Water spots aren’t a reflection of your dishwasher’s performance though, simply a side-effect of the water evaporating and leaving behind a residue, and better still they are completely avoidable. So, don’t worry, and don’t waste time and water with another cycle, all you need is rinse aid.

What makes Finish Rinse Aid effective?

Finish Rinse Aid has 4 x power actions that helps ensure you have table-ready dishes and glasses straight out of the dishwasher after each cycle.

  1. Rinses residue
  2. Speeds up drying
  3. Fights water spots
  4. Film protection

What is Rinse Aid?

Finish Rinse Aid gets to work in your dishwasher’s rinse cycle to leave glassware streak free and without any annoying water spot marks - dry and ready to use.

When your dishes come out a little less sparkly than you would like them, it’s often not because they haven’t been washed properly. It’s rather that food particles that have been dislodged during the wash and have circulated inside the dishwasher, settle back on dishes, glassware and cutlery at the end of a cycle. During the rinse cycle, the dishwasher releases the Rinse Aid, which is then activated to protect your dishes, glasses and cutlery from residue.

How does Finish Rinse Aid Work?

Finish Rinse Aid provides a protective barrier between the food and your dishes. This stops the food and mineral particles from reattaching, and you get your dishes clean the first time round.

Finish Rinse Aid uses things called ‘surfactants’ which reduce the surface tension between the water and the glass to ensure that when it slowly evaporates, it doesn’t leave anything behind – isn’t science great.

Items such as glassware or silverware may not dry quickly enough, due to the temperature dropping rapidly after a cycle finishes. Rinse aid disperses the droplets that land on your dishware, therefore allowing your dishes to dry quickly and also eliminating any greasy lines or water streaks that may appear.

In addition to the sparkling results, rinse aid also ensures that your time-saving device really does save you time. During the final heated cycle, that same dispersal of water particles from the glasses and dishes means that there is no need to laboriously dry anything by hand after the wash is finished, giving you one less thing on your mind.

How do I use Finish Rinse aid?

Finish Rinse Aid couldn't be easier to use - simply fill your rinse aid dispenser as directed by the machines manufacturer and make sure to keep it topped up. Always use Finish Rinse Aid for the best possible dishwashing results, even when using all-in-one tablets.

How else can you boost dishwasher washing power?

Finish Rinse Aid is available in both Regular and, for that extra burst of freshness, Lemon Sparkle. The lemon variety will leave a fresh citrus fragrance in your machine, without leaving any residue on your dishes. With its quick-dry formula, Finish Rinse Aid Lemon works just like regular Finish Rinse Aid, actively drying your dishes for a brilliant shine.

For the best dishwashing results, try using Finish Rinse Aid in conjunction with other products from our range of additives, such as Finish Dishwasher Cleaner or Finish Pure Dishwasher Salt.

In addition to Rinse Aid, you should always ensure that your machine is topped up with Finish Dishwasher Salt, which helps soften hard water and limit the amount of lime scale build-up in your machine.

It is also recommended that you clean your dishwasher once a month with Finish Dishwasher Cleaner to reduce build-ups of grease and limescale in your machine. Having your machine free of build-ups ensures you’re getting the best possible clean from your dishwasher. Finish products are designed to work with each other to help maintain your machine and provide you with the best possible clean every time your machine goes through a cycle.

Finish dishwashing tablets, such as Finish Quantum Ultimate, deliver powerful dish and glass cleaning in the toughest conditions. Finish Quantum Max gives you the brilliant clean and shine you expect, plus added protection against glass corrosion. Finish’s unique glass protect formula, used in conjunction with Finish Rinse Aid can extend the life of your glasses, so they keep their sparkling shine for longer and are protected wash after wash.

So, now you can see the power of Rinse Aid! Cleaning and drying should all be the dishwasher’s job, so all you need to do is add Finish Rinse Aid to your dishwasher to make your glasses sparkle, and your dishware dry.

Save yourself the water, the elbow-grease, and most importantly, the time – because in the end that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

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