Loading Dishwasher Tips

Everyone loads a dishwasher differently, some may stack dishware in neat rows, while some prefer to fill from the front – which can often be frustrating for others! However, we at Finish think that there’s a right way to load a dishwasher. Our ideas combined with the best dishwasher detergent (Finish, that is), will mean your dishes will sparkle, and they’ll be much easier to take out of the machine!

Dishes on the Bottom, Glasses on the Top

It may seem simple, but for a quick load you need to make sure you’re putting the right objects in the right place.

  • As a rule, glasses should be placed on the top rack, upside down.
    • Tumblers, wine glasses and half pint glasses will fit quite easily but you may have a bit of problems with taller glasses such as pint glasses.  These can be placed on the bottom rack.
    • If your wine glasses aren’t standing secure, your dishwasher may have a kind of holder which will keep them in place.
  • Dishes should fit standing in the racks (try filling from the back, this will mean the racks will be easier to order). Larger plates should be placed further to the side or rear, as this will allow a better water flow.
  • Larger cooking items such as ladles, serving spoons and spatulas should also be placed on the top rack (lying down) as this will make them easier to remove, and they will also receive a better clean.

Don’t prewash

One of the fastest ways to load is to quickly scrape any unwanted food into the bin. This will keep your filter clear from larger pieces of food, such as rice or porridge, but also means you’ll be saving water, and energy, too!

Watch your bowls

Bowls stacked on top of each other will prevent a proper clean, as they could shield plates and other crockery from the water cycle. Place the bowls face down on their own, and try and stack them with each other, as opposed to randomly placing next to small plates.

The Golden Rule

If the dirty face of a dish doesn’t have a clear path to the sprayer, it’s likely it will stay unclean. Our number one tip is while you should load things quickly, don’t load too many plates and cooking items. Overloading may mean having to wash a second time, a big slowdown indeed!

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