Finish Salt Benefits

It can be frustrating to open your dishwasher to find glasses and plates that haven’t been cleaned properly. Issues like watermarks and spots are common problems that dishwasher users might experience at one time or another. However, there is an easy solution in the form of Finish Dishwasher Salt. Dishwasher salt can prevent these by helping to soften hard water and by reducing limescale. This guide will go through the benefits of dishwasher salt and how it can boost the performance of your dishwasher in the long run.

Prevents limescale

The major reason why Finish dishwasher salt is beneficial to your wash is that it stops a buildup of limescale from occurring. It does this by softening the water as it flows into the cleaning chamber. Water hardness depends on the supply in your area, and can have a major effect on your detergents performance. If you live in a hard water area the water can cause limescale that could eventually block the water jets and affect the heating elements. By using dishwasher salt, the water is softened, and blockages in your machine are then less likely to become an issue.

No more spots and watermarks

Spots and watermarks can become a constant problem without the use of Finish dishwasher salt. These marks occur when the water supply is hardened, causing detergent to perform less effectively. Since dishwasher salt effectively softens water, these heavy deposits of limescale and other detritus will not accumulate in your dishwasher, and will help keep your dishes looking cleaner.

How to Use

Dishwasher salt needs to be added to an extra filter in your dishwasher. This is usually found in the base of the washing unit, as opposed to the door, but make sure to check your manufacturers guide or instruction manual to make sure. To add Finish dishwasher salt, open the cap and pour the salt in. Ensure you check the packaging to find out how much salt you will need, and it may help to use a measuring cup, and a funnel, to both measure out and supply the salt to your dishwasher. Once poured, replace the cap in its original place. Remember to top up your dishwasher salt regularly if you notice it’s running low.

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